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Comic – Week 1

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Comic
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I’ll try to add a comic once a week, too… provided I keep thinking of witty things to say. This one is more just a test, I guess. The characters may change, I haven’t decided.
A Brief Introduction: 

I’m Cynthia, the Ms. Pacman of this duo of game-loving nerds, and I will be signing my posts as such (or Ms. P for short perhaps). The Mr. and I (we’re not married quite yet, but will be come August) decided to start this little blog after a brief conversation about how our relationship wouldn’t be nearly as strong if we didn’t both play video (and tabletop) games. I proposed the idea after a quick google search showed that there wasn’t any sort of main stream, big name blog already doing the same thing.

What is it we’re doing, you ask?

We’re going to be writing a semi-weekly blog discussing our favorite games to play together (and why of course), events, and just generally anything nerdy we feel like talking about. In the mix, we might through a pointer/tip out here and there to other couples on how we’ve dealt with various issues (like being into different games, getting over WoW addictions, etc.)

What are our credentials?

I’m currently second in command of our university’s gaming organization, and we have both previously held office as Treasurer. What I’m saying is, that gaming is a big part of our lives. It is both my and William’s primary hobby.

What are my favorite games?

My favorite PC game is World of Warcraft. I love the community aspect the most. My favorite console game is (currently) Mass Effect 2, but Halo probably comes in close second. Mass Effect is just a great story, complimented by great game play, while I love Halo for very similar reasons to WoW. I love being able to play with my friends no matter where they are, which is great considering how far some of them have moved from our home town (including myself). My favorite paper game is Vampire: The Masquerade (No NOT because of Twilight. I don’t care for Twilight.) I like pretty much everything White Wolf has made, though, so really they’re all very close in terms of favorites. Why I choose WW’s WoD (White Wolf’s World of Darkness) over D&D most of the time is because of the roleplaying that WW requires. I like the combat style of D&D, but too often I end up in parties of people who only like combat, and never want to think any more about their character than their stats. I know that’s not all, or even most players of D&D, but typically that’s where you find those players, not in a WW game. My favorite table top (non-paper) game might just be a 3-way tie between Settlers of Catan, Risk, and Cranium. I like Settlers and Risk for their strategy and planning aspect and I love Cranium as a party game, because it is guaranteed laughs. And last and… well, probably least important… My favorite flash game is Peggle. I have an add-on in WoW that lets me play Peggle while I travel (via flight point, or autowalk) and I love it. It’s ridiculously addictive.

I’ll try to post every Saturday, to keep this relatively regular. I’m also considering embedding a vlog every couple of weeks or so. Now I’ve just got to remind William to make his first post.


~Ms. Pacman