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I don’t usually get to into the idea of New Year Resolutions. Any time I do make one, they last until about… my birthday (January 16th.) Hopefully this one will stick, however.

My resolution is to actually post weekly, and to put up a comic, at the very least, monthly. I’ll aim for more on that, but I don’t want to put up terrible comics just for the sake of putting them up.

Anyway, 2011 ended very busy and flooded with non-gaming activities. Part of this resolution is to fix that… which starts with fixing my xbox 360. I got the red ring of death Christmas morning when I wanted to play MW3 for the first time. I was almost as upset as a child who’s just lost a pet. I tried all the self-fixes, and now I’m left with the dreaded last resort of sending it in. I’m sure those of you who’ve gone through the experience have shared my worry/anxiety. I’ll give an update on the situation in my next post.