GamerCouple is a blog site (and possibly more some day) chronicling the adventures and reviews of a couple, Cynthia and Wiliam, and giving insight to how gaming has brought them together, kept them close, and what it’s like being a couple in the gaming world.

We want to amuse you, inform you, and hopefully keep you wanting to read more.


Cynthia is a senior in college, studying music. After graduating, she plans to teach ESL overseas. One of her life goals/dreams is to compose music for video games. Some of her favorite games include WoW, Halo, and Minecraft.


William is in his last semester of undergraduate studies, majoring in Philosophy & Religion. He plans to attend grad school and/or possibly teaching ESL overseas with Cynthia. He’s been a gamer longer than he can remember and considers it a core part of his identity. Perhaps as part of his love of philosophy, he prides himself on his ability to look at various perspectives equally (or, at least, as equal as any human being can accomplish) and respects a well-articulated, well-reasoned argument, even if he completely disagrees with it. Readers: feel more than free to discuss and debate any and all things you have an opinion on. Just try to be polite in your comments and charitable in your readings, as he reminds himself to do everyday.

  1. Tristo says:

    Better get going cynth. cant let the website die! XD

  2. Android says:

    You would tristo

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