Who said video games made you lazy and fat?

Posted: May 30, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Uncategorized

I am very excited to write a review this week about Kinect for Xbox 360. I know that it’s been out for some time now, and there are already a world of reviews out there, but I’d like to give my two cents on it.

First of all, if you haven’t heard about the amazing uses people are thinking up for Kinect, then it’s high time you found out. At the top of the list of possibilities, is of course, giving sight to the blind. I mean seriously, video game nay-sayers need to shut their trap and listen. Video games are like… Toyota (in their new commercials). This technology is helping better our future.

Now, on to the game system itself.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I was skeptical of the promises Microsoft seemed to be filling our heads with. Face recognition? completely controller-less game play and menu navigation? I was worried this was all going to quickly disappoint me like my first generation android phone. If there’s one mistake that companies seem to make over and over, it’s releasing something before it’s good enough to meet or exceed expectations for the sake of releasing it as soon as possible. As soon as something works at least somewhat, it seems like it hits shelfs and disappoints millions, who then have to buy the second generation device that has fixed many of the bugs that you wonder how they missed in the first place (e.g. a touch screen that you practically have to break your finger to press hard enough for it to work.)

Luckily, Kinect was not a disappointment. It does what they say it does. I step in front of the TV and it logs me on to Xbox live. The voice commands work, and the wave-your-magic-hand menu navigation works. As for people saying you have to have a ton of space to play… not true. Given the still unpacked boxes cluttering my living room, I have very little space. The game has a setting that allows you to play with “good play space” or “best play space.” I ended up moving a recliner and going for “best” because it allows you to play with a second person.

I do have to say that the 2 player max is frustrating, but understandable. I do think that it should have addition players available if space provides, but oh well.

The only games I have at the moment are Kinect Adventures (which comes with) and Dance Central (which I played at PAX East and loved– even though I made a fool of myself.) Dance Central is incredibly similar to Just Dance and Just Dance 2 if you’ve played them on Wii. The great thing about Dance Central on Kinect, however, is that it’s using your whole body, not just one arm, so you can’t cheat the way you can in Just Dance. It’s definitely a work out, and I can’t handle anything above easy yet. The dances are pretty challenging if you’re not a dancer, and darn near impossible if you have a hard time keeping a beat.

Kinect Adventures is cute, and fun like wii sports is when you first purchase a wii. It gets you used to playing with no controller, but I can see it getting old within the next week or two. Another problem I have with Adventures is that it seems to be a split second behind ever move I make, so you have to react sooner than you think you would.

Overall, I think the Kinect is great. For $150, my mother and I decided to forgo a gym membership, and just workout at home, which will certainly save us money in just a few months time.

On a completely separate note, I will hopefully be setting up my PC sometime this week which will lead to many things: Return of the comic strip (Yay!), playing World of Warcraft (double yay!), playing minecraft (Triple Yay!), and many other new games. I do, unfortunately, have to admit that William and I will probably not return to Kiwike on Minecraft. For those of you from Kiwike, I’m really sorry, you’re all great people, but the amount of drama that occurs every day on that server is just more than we want to deal with. I think right now we’re going to be looking for a server with an average age closer to our own. I don’t mean that disrespectfully to anyone, but any place filled with mostly young teens is going to be dramatic, it’s a fact of life. I was very dramatic at 12-16, so I’m certainly not criticizing anyone else for being. We’re just passed that stage of life. We wish you all the best though! 😀

  1. tristo999 says:

    Sad to hear it Cynth. Miss yeah.


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