The long awaited return…

Posted: May 16, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Uncategorized

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer, and I’m very very sorry. In case you feel like hunting me down and harming me, allow me to attempt to disuade you with sympathy. The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with happenings. My fourth and final year at college wrapped up with a melodramatic bang. I moved an entire apartment full of crap over 400 miles. My aunt Elizabeth passed away (we all miss her greatly). I’m planning a wedding for the end of the summer. I’m trying very hard to find a job that doesn’t involve a deep fryer. I don’t have either of my consoles set up to the internet yet, and my PC is still in a box. So… I haven’t been gaming, and let me just tell you; as much as you might be missing my posts, I’m equally missing writing them.

I can tell you that my next post will be about long distance gaming, and quite possibly about Section 8, since I’ve been requested to “get it and write about it.”

Happy Gaming,

Ms. Pacman (I forgot that I was going to sign off my posts this way…)

  1. Ironbeardd says:

    and do you have any plans on coming back to WoW your friends there do miss you Both 🙂

    • Raparth says:

      We do. It just may be a few more weeks. For my part, I’m having trouble getting my desktop (the gaming computer) to have good internet connection where it is in the house. This will hopefully be solved within the next two weeks, by some wondrous use of wireless bridging, but… It hasn’t happened yet. I know Cynthia is as anxious as I am to get back to talking to and playing with all of you, as soon as real life allows.

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