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Posted: May 1, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Uncategorized

Out of no other inspiration, here is a lot of my opinion about… what else? Games!

Very First Video Games

My first game was on the Atari system. I don’t recall the name but it was essentially Frogger with a chicken. The first game I was old enough to really remember with detail was the Mario Bros/Duck Hunt duo game. I LOVED duck hunt. I think it was probably the dog, and the fact that I got to aim and shoot a shotgun at my television set. I learned the trick to Duck Hunt really quickly; put the gun against the screen. I was, however, really bad at Mario for many years. Who am I kidding? I’m still pretty bad at it. I think it’s the limited tries aspect of it. Back then, there were no save points. If you couldn’t master an entire level in as many tries as you had lives, you had to start the whole game over. The whole game. I think that was my problem. It’s too easy to angrily give up when you’ve almost beaten the game and get Game Over for the hundredth time.

My first computer games were much more compelling. Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, and Doom were the bees knees. 3D definitely used to mean something a little different then. I also enjoyed playing text based adventures in DOS, as well as Dragon’s Lair (oh Daphne…) and occasionally hacking my way passed the 21+ test of Leisure Suit Larry. I think that test prevented my parents from playing far more often than my sister and I.

Guilty Pleasure Games

It’s funny that my biggest guilty pleasure game isn’t so much embarrassing in normal society as it is in gamer culture. I really enjoy The Sims. I know, I’m insane. How could anyone want to play a game that’s purpose is to be as much like boring normal life as possible? I think the draw in for me is both the opportunity to do crazy things without consequences in real life (much like people’s draw to GTA) and the opportunity to creatively kill my characters in seemingly hundreds of ways.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is flash games. I love bejeweled and those sort of mind numbing puzzlers, as well as flash RPGs, particularly those with a well developed plot. I often search through google for new games to try.

Most Annoying Characters

Well, there are certainly a lot of these, but I think of all the games I’ve ever played (and I mean ever) no one will ever come close to the level of annoying that Donald reached in Kingdom Hearts. I’ve never yelled “Shut up!” at a character so much in my entire life. I loved the cross media aspect of both KH and KH2, and all of the movie themed levels were a lot of fun (ok, all except KH2’s version of The Little Mermaid. Do not waste my time in an RPG with a level that makes me feel like I’m playing a Learning Leapfrog game) but the Disney sidekick characters were not only unnecessary; they were out right unwelcome.

Favorite Game Couple

I certainly think this is appropriate to our site. After careful consideration, I believe my favorite in game couple (as much as I wanted to make it Ariman and Namira :P) is Princess Zelda and Link. I say this because not only does Link never give up rescuing Zelda, no matter how many times she’s in peril, but Zelda herself proved she can truly hold her own against the evils in her Kingdom through the disguise of Sheik.

Saddest Game Scene

I’m going to make a joke of this, so don’t comment back about all the scenes that clearly beat this one. The Companion Cube level of Portal is the hardest most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to put an imaginary character through.

Best Gameplay

This is something I can never keep a consistent opinion on. Currently, I would say Portal/Portal2 because the concept is so simple and yet so ingenious and very fun to play. The concept of having a gun that can shoot portals from A to B could easily be drawn out, and eventually boring, but Valve is constently keeping us on our toes (and in our leg bracers) by adding more complexities to the game every level. On top of that, the AI systems they created to navigat you through the games are some of the most interesting and colorful robotic characters of any game I’ve played.

Gaming System of Choice.

I prefer to play things on console (particularly Xbox 360) but the games available for PC verses those available for consoles make it my number one choice. I can always just plug an Xbox 360 controller into my computer’s USB port (Thank you Microsoft!)

A Game Everyone Should Play

The Dig. If you have not played this PC game from 1995, you need to do so now. Back when story lines in video games weren’t as important as movie plots, LucasArts decided that they needed to break this bad habit. With a plot written by Steven Spielberg himself, many cleverly hidden (though arguably intentional) Star Wars references, and Myst-like game play, The Dig is, in my honest opinion, one of the 90’s best games. Steam recently re-released it, and you can download and play it for just $5.

Disappointing Sequels

Well, the biggest disappointment in sequel history (in my opinion) was the complete failure to ever release Kingdom Hearts 3. The second game in the series even has a trailer for the non-existent game when you beat it. I feel like I wasted a lifetime waiting on that game, and all we got was a crappy DS game. Overall though, video games don’t seem to have the same problem of sequel-flops that movies do.If I like a game, I typically enjoy the sequel.

Games with Great Art Style

Most of today’s games have incredible graphics, but for me, Irrational Games and Quantic Dream really stand out in the crowd. Irrational’s Bioshock games have well developed and intricate/detailed worlds that really give character and atmosphere to the games. Quantic Dream released Heavy Rain, which had gamers everywhere drooling the moment it was even announced.

There have also been games in the past, though, that (although they look ridiculous by today’s standard) were really unique and innovative in their time. The game that most comes to mind when thinking about that is Dragon’s Lair, a game released for laser disc of all things, in the 90’s. The art work for the game scenes were drawn by a Disney animator, and while most games were using sprites and really limited in any sort of artistic detail they could use, the guys at Cinematronix decided to lose a bit of character control in order to create a very movie-like game. A couple interesting trivia points about the game: The budget was so low that the “voice actors” were just the animators, and since they couldn’t hire models, Princess Daphne was drawn from inspiration gathered from Playboy magazines. Though, that probably helped sell the game, really, as she was the most scandalous and arguably “hot” female lead in any game at the time. Her center-fold-like poses in the ending scene are really hilarious when you know where they came from.

A Game I Thought I Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving

World of Warcraft gets a really bad rep, even in certain circles of gamer culture. As such, I vowed for a long time, to never start playing it, lest I become a mindless zombie of gold farming nerd rage. When William started playing, I have to admit, I was truly worried about our relationship. Really, I closed myself off from the game so much with out giving it a chance, that I barely knew anything about it. William let me play a bit on his account (because I decided that either I had to become a mindless zombie with him, or surrender him to the dark side and move on. It was all a really melodramatic episode in my mind) and I slowly let myself admit that I was enjoying it, and eventually, loving it. Am I a mindless zombie? no. Am I addicted? I could quit anytime 😉

This has all been really random, I know. Hopefully next week I’ll have something truly interesting to talk about.

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