Real Life Games – Part Two

Posted: April 18, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Uncategorized

Last week I wrote a long, pretty detailed post about Humans vs Zombies. This week I’d like to focus on why I thought that and similar activities are important in a relationship.

Playing video games together is a great bonding experience. It helps you to grow together through cooperation skills, healthy competition, and spending time having fun together in general. I don’t feel like it fills the entire need of a couple’s interactions however.

Having hobbies outside of “gaming,” is important because, well, most people have more than one hobby. You need something to fall back on when you decide that you simply aren’t in the mood to sit at a keyboard, or in front of a television set. There are a few activities in particular, that I very much enjoy, that still fit within the “gamer” context but fall just outside of “gaming.”

The first of these activities is Humans vs. Zombies. You can go to to see if there is a game held in your area. Essentially, Humans vs Zombies is a real life, 24-7 video game that you play with your friends outside as sort of a highly advanced version of tag. The game requires players to make quick decisions, work on a team, and in general, be awesome.

The second of these activities is one I have only very recently (in the past week) been introduced to. Model painting (for war gaming) is a great outlet for pent up creativity. I don’t actually have much interest in playing the game (I believe William is planning to try it out) but designing, building, and painting all of the landscapes, buildings, vehicles, and little figures? Totally awesome! William and I have spent a great deal of the last several days painting, and picking up random junk (like some weird plastic child’s toy I had) and saying “Hey, do you think this would make a good sky bridge if I busted this piece off and painted it?” It’s so much fun creating together, and so far we’ve worked together very well. I’d post a picture if I wasn’t ridiculous amounts of lazy (see: post date).

I think that life outside of video games is obviously important, and being able to share some of those outside hobbies with a significant other makes them all the more enjoyable. (I’m not, however, arguing that you should like every single thing they like, or vice versa. There should obviously be activities that you do apart from one another.)

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