The Other of Two Posts About PAX

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Cynthia 心雅 in Uncategorized

May I first say that Boston is a very interesting, and pretty city, though I didn’t see as much of it as I’d have liked.

The greatest things I got from PAX were:

A Lot of New Amazing Friends
A LOT of Free Stuff
New Favorite Games
—Werewolf (like mafia, but hilarious, and awesome)
—Dance Central (Like Just Dance 2, but harder/cooler)
—Portal 2 (didn’t actually play the demo, but I know it’s awesome)
—Bioshock Infinite (see above parentheses)
A Few Neat Pics (should have taken more!)
Enjoyment of Lines (Who knew?)
Some Great Info from Panelists (You were all amazing)
—Online Gaming Communities and “Real Life” Relationships
—Winning the PAX East Game
—From Background to Center Stage: Building Worlds as Main Characters
—Penny Arcade Make-a-Strip Panel
—Geek Parenting
—The “Other” Us: If We’re All Gamers, Does Our Gender Matter?
—One of Us
—Penny Arcade Q&A #2
Tasty Boston Food (tasty and pricey…)
A PAX Tshirt and Scarf
VIP at the Gamers Gone Wild Party, and an invite to a private Irrational Games Party
Many, Many Great Memories.

As per the theme of our site, I should spend a moment talking about what makes PAX cool, from a couple’s perspective, in case any of you out there were thinking it’d make a good date 🙂

Travel is always more enjoyable with a companion, of course, as is staying at a hotel. The convention itself has many many opportunities for couples (and anyone) to enjoy time together. William and I scouted out for new games to play together, and it was really nice to have someone always willing to watch after our coats and bags when the other wanted to use the restroom, take a picture, or do something else random. Some games we’re both excited about are Bioshock Infinite, and Portal 2. We’re also going to try out a couple new MMOs this summer, including Rift. I didn’t stand in line to try the 3DS, but after hearing that some people can’t see the 3D, I wish I had. I would hate to buy one only to find out that it’s basically useless to me.

William and I are starting to play WoW again this week after a long but much needed break. This brings a point to mind, however, which is… being the GMs girlfriend. If you’re interested, that will be the subject of my next post this Saturday.

~Ms. Pacman


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